Storm Damage Restoration

Home Storm Damage Restoration

Extreme Florida weather can produce storms that can cause property damage. Double G Construction is experienced in the restoration of exterior damage from wind, hail and hurricanes. Our team is experts in identifying damages to a property, assisting through the insurance claims process and fully restoring a property from any type of damage.

Hail and wind storms in particular may have caused exterior damage that may be hard to see to the untrained eye. When hail or wind impacts a roof it may not cause an immediate leak, however the indentations will allow moisture to get under the roofing material and can cause leaking in the long run.

Our team at Double G Construction is experienced in identifying storm damage and we offer a free no obligation storm damage assessment to all Florida homeowners. If your property does have damage, we can work with you through the insurance claims process and can fully restore your property.

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Florida Insurance Claims Experts

Double G Constructions has helped thousands of Florida Homeowners though the insurance claims process. We have experience working with all Florida insurance companies and policies. We take the headache and hassle out of the process for you.

Your insurance company doesn’t always have your best interests in mind. In fact, the adjuster is there to try and protect the insurance company, not you. If you don’t understand storm damage you may not be aware of what restoration work needs to be covered by your insurance. Double G Construction can help you with your insurance claim process and can advocate on your behalf to ensure that all your damages are fully covered.

Even if you have been turned down by your insurance company or received a partial settlement, you still have options! Call us today for a complimentary consultation.